Offer Breakfast as an option - included/excluded

We are struggling with the setup of breakfast included/excluded for a while now.

In facilities and services we indicated that we have brekafast for 15 EUR per person per day.

We have setup 2 rate plans: 1 without breakfast (fee coming from 24beds) and1 with breakfast. The one with breakfast is charging 30 EUR extra. This is because for 2 people it is 30EUR. 

But now I have 2 problems:

1. The double room bookings are calculating correct. But the single room is calculating 30 eur as well, this must be 15 eur.


2. It is also very unclear on booking.com that the breakfast is an option. It shows brakfast is included everywhere, Only indication of difference is that the font is green for the included one. I would like to have it noted as breakfast not included and breakfast included!


I hope you can really help us.