over charged commission and dont give explanations.and got off my money from my accont

Dear Booking.com Partner

I got big problem with the finace payment from Booking.com.since on 2020 March

when i have got booked from my 2 housees renting.they charged the commission15% and bank charged about 1.2% IT IS I agree with it,

but sice begaing on The March 2020.they have charged me much commission says commission correction.some times 192.72 euros sometime 80.75euros total about 600 euros.when i no have booking( becouse the covd 19) they charged the same .they coming to my bank accont got off.

i have enquiry them lots times but not people give anwser what it is goning on.and i am very worry my bank accot. they can get my money alown not give me explanations......i am waiting it for the booking.com finance give me anwser long time.i feeling it is not correct bussiness what now they did and making me waiting and afrid........

so I need your helping give me some idea.if some one also have this problems as i?

why the finance do not give me anwser????


mariia fan


BrookAve 3 years ago


Reminder posting action requests and or account /finance questions will generally go unanswered, as its only Partners Here, not BdC Support team.


contact them directly in those scenarios.

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BrookAve 3 years ago


  • The finance team is different form BdC PArtner Support. 
  • They are 9 to 5 only for a region/country or nearest country for that region.
  • They can have a backlog, and not enough staff.