Overlapped guests


I need your advice. A guests booked our property using the bookingsite_A last Dec 19. Then another guests booked the same property on Dec 22 using booking.com. I checked that the calendar is in sync and listed as it used to be. Only this December got the overlapping issue.  

Last Dec 22 also we already requested the 2nd guests to cancel the booking as it is overlapped. As time passed, we didn't that the 2nd guests did not respond and wasn't able to cancel the booking. 

Until the day of check-in came Dec 31, New Year's Eve. The 2nd guests was already on their way to our property and they printed the confirmed booking. But since the property is no longer available, they were so upset and did not understand about the request to cancel. 

How do you handle on this situation? Your advice will be greatly appreciated. 

BrookAve 4 years ago

Hi Jonas,


open calendar goto List view, now review the inventory room count for each room and confirm they are correct.


Another possible issue is the availability count for the dates was accidentally set to high.


Another using more than one OTA website partner, and not using a channel manager software to manage calendar. Calendar sync is not reliable if you have more than one OTA and do not use a channel manager.


Kind Regards, happy new year


PS: Link your listing so we can review to see if we spot anything, into your topic and or ideally should be like mine, in your profile.


PS: BdC expect you to find the overbooking reservation an alternative property, yes I know its crap and it shouldnt be for you to do but to BdC is it. And they expect you to pay for it too if its been prepaid. I know , the check of them.


They might make an exception but you would have to contact them by phone.

Its more likely and easier if you can speak to the guest by phone to explain what has happened and even as a gesture check local other places for them for availability and offer them that but at their own cost not yours.



Jonas Inamac 4 years ago


Thanks a lot Barry. This is really helpful as it was my first time to encounter this issue. Really appreciate your inputs.

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pibomarco 4 years ago

You must understand that by the contrat with BDC you must honor confirmed bookings. You need to be really carefull to avoid such situations (overbookings).


Last time when I got overbooked I contacted the guest and also requested a free cancelation. The guest was "ignoring" my messages. Then I contacted BDC and told them that I can not accept this guest because I got overbooked and asked for cancelation/relocation. BDC took it from there. I would have to pay commission for this booking and possible additional cost for relocation.


If you are using several OTA's Channel Manager is higly recommended.