As an owner I need to cancel a booking

I have received five bookings for the same day. It appear there is a music concert in my village. The booking came through from different agents. How do I cancel a booking

Carol Sutton 1 year ago

Tried them all. When I try to contact customer services it is necessary to fill in the reservation number - it is not recognised! I've sent numerous emails to booking.com through other means and no response. I live in Spain and the contact telelphone number is not recognised. Their email address comes up as The Pattern Arms Hotel!! I've also sent messages to the guest - again no response. I think the guest is ignoring his messages hoping to be  put in alternative accommodation.

Thank you

BrookAve 1 year ago


  • you DO NOT call customer services ,you as a partner call partner services.
  • There is NO PIN for partners so you wont be asked for it.