Partial guest refund

My guest has cancelled 48 hrs before coming and wants his money back. My policy is for 50% refund but he seems to think the money is his. How do I go about cancelling this , will booking automatically refund him for the whole lot or will they know my cancellation policy 

BrookAve 1 year ago




  1. unless they prepaid via VCC or Payments by Booking 
    1. message or phone partner support the request to partial refund 
  2. if they did not prepay BdC nor you  then no further action required.


Report it to Partner support 




 no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.


  • Remember this Partner Hub is not a direct line to any support team.
  • So never post action requests here, nothing will come of it.
  • Always message or phone Partner Support directly instead. Method #4 Public Phone List 


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