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Peculiar Calendar problem!!!

Hello Dear Partners,

Today I noticed a peculiar Calendar problem and thought to share it with you.

Some dates in my BDC Calendar are blocked by another platform instead of BDC, although reservation has been made through BDC.

I reported this to BDC and they explained to me that this has happened perhaps when I synced my calendar in my other platform manually....

Instead of sold out rooms I have blocked rooms by some other platform!!! Is this normal???

Hope this doesn’t lead to a misunderstanding!!!

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Don Burns 3 years ago

My rental guestrooms are listed on several reservation platforms.  My calendar is synced with five platform companies; but I must manually block-out dates on my Booking,com calendar.


If your Booking,com calendar shows the reservation company blocking your dates, I would call that platform company directly to fix the problem.


I am in California and only have the USA telephone numbers for most host/partner-support centers.  I know you are in Greece.  Good luck!




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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hello! Don and thanks for your advice...

I have called and they have advised me that there’s no problem....

Thanks again for your kind feedback and have a wonderful day.

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

Because the calendar sync doesn't work properly, it's always best to manually block out dates on other OTAs when you get a booking on and vice versa. Providing that the blocks you see match the bookings you have, everything should be ok - not ideal to see "blocked" on the BDC calendar instead of the booking, but at least you won't get a double booking! One day, will fix their calendar sync ......

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Thanks Isle of Wight...for your comment.

You are absolutely right...

Have a great day.