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A person is booking for another person...will I be notified???

Hi! everyone,

Last year, when I had some reservations, made by others,  in my reservation details I had nothing notifying me that somebody else is staying instead of  the person that made the reservation.

If a person makes a reservation for another person is there a way I can be notified who is staying in my property so I wont be surprised when guests arrive???

Thank you in advance for your kind comments.





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Don Burns 3 years ago

On the Booking,com reservation page, there are two lines:

  • Guest name:
  • Booker name:

Whoever pays online for the reservation should state the guest's name.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Don, thank you very much for info...but in one of my reservations the Booker name is not stated at all.

Is there something that I can add in my policies???

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The Reinhold G… 3 years ago

on the subject of "booker/guest" relationship, there are 2 recent experiences we have encountered

1)  A booker books ,and pays online, for her partner's accommodation with us.

A week before commencement of the reservation, we sent a message to the booker in regards to airport transfer information, and other services.

The booker informs us that she had broken up all contact with her partner and was unable to pass on our information.

We contacted BdC, asking  for the guest's contact information , which was refused by BdC, because of privacy laws

((( If a booker books a reservation for any other person, we, the Hosts, can only communicate with the booker, NOT with the guest themselves))


2)  A booker books a single room for 2 nights, in her name, for herself, but arrives late in the evening together with an anonymous person , and allows that person to take her place. Because the booker had paid online for the reservation, and the booked dorm room has a private, separate entrance, our house staff saw no reason to refuse the substitute person's access to the room. Apart from this single personal contact between the booker ,plus partner , and our house staff, we never ever saw them again

When we argued with BdC's support team  about the right of the booker ( when she never stayed at our premises ) to lodge a review , we received the following explanation:


15 February 2020 - 15:17:31

Dear Partner,

Unfortunately it is too late to make a call, that's why I am writing a letter.

We can only remove reviews in certain situations. You'll find more info on removing reviews here:

Can I ask for a review to be removed?

In a case when the guest which booked your property did not showed up, you could have marked the guest as a no show, and the person who checked in, should have made a new reservation. But it would not mean that the guest who stayed at the property would have changed his mind and made a different review. So the result would have been the same.

Because you did not marked a no show, the system recognize this reservation as stayed and that the guest have full right to add the review.

Other case is when one person is booking the property for another person (for example daughter books for her mother the property).
Again in this case one person booked, and another one lived in the property.
Still the review will be valid. Because this is the subjective opinion of the person who stayed at the property.

Whenever you need us, we're always here.

Kind regards,
xxxxxxxxxx S. Partner Support Team


Quite simple and clear, or is it ?


Antonio Jose D… 1 year ago

"In a case when the guest which booked your property did not showed up, you could have marked the guest as a no show, and the person who checked in, should have made a new reservation"


Maybe I am mistaken but I thought you could only mark someone as a now show after midnight so how exactly would I be able to "make a new reservation" if that room is still officially blocked until midnight?

I'm also not a fan of this 3rd party booking thing as it allows people to easily get around my age requirement



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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dear Reinhold,

Dont like your experiences at all. Hope you dont have many of these.

My experiences were excellent but its a pitty because I missed two excellent reviews.  

I think it depends how responsible people are!!!

I would prefer that when a reservation is placed to be clear enough who is staying at my property.




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The Reinhold G… 3 years ago

Good morning M Adamopoulou

It is always our pleasure to talk with you.

During the past 9 years, we never had a valid reason to argue with BdC,-- this is a first, and only ( unfortunate ) case that led us (maybe a little too harsh) to overreact to a situation.

After further discussions with our staff, we concluded that this "guest experience" was the result of  ( unusual ) circumstances, and confusion, for which neither of the parties involved should, or could, directly, or individually be held responsible for.

( BTW: after questioning the BdC support team, all our messages are back online. )

We wish you a pleasant day




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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dear Reinhold,

Many thanks for your kind words.  Same to you.

Great news...It was very strange that messages were deleted!!!



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Community Admin 3 years ago

Dear M Adamopoulou! Thank you for raising the question regarding booker vs guest.


During the reservation process we are asking the guest to choose whether they are the "main guest" or they are "making reservation for somebody else". If they are booking for someone else, they will have a section to add the name of the actual guest. In this case you will see on the Reservation details page two names: booker and guest.


Unfortunately, it always depends on the booker to choose the correct section and add the name of the actual guest. In most of the cases they do add a name of the guest, if it is different from the bookers name. The guests name can also be changed after the reservation is confirmed. 


Best regards!

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Community Admin, 

Thank you, for further details....much appreciated...

After our last night conversation with our dear partners...I called my local support team and gave me a splendid idea. 

I am obliged to thank once again my local support team...they are excellent...

As you mentioned above...unfortunately, it always depends on the booker and how responsible he is...


Julia C 2 years ago

Hi, dear M Adamopolou. Please share with us the splendid idea of your local team (unfortunately we don't have a local team at all).

Such situations seems to become more usual in our area now since BdC lowered their standards to "fill in our houses", with huge risks and damages for the hosts. I have encountered a situation when a person booked my house for a month and for himself (one person), a month before arriving (it was a great short-term promotion). They never answered my greetings or questions or phone calls neither in English nor in Arabic but a few days before Check-In a bored person answered to my phone call saying they will verify if the group they booked for will arrive or not. I simply told them I will not host any person except the booker. They cancelled after that.

Today I have a reservation from a person (for two guests, unnamed)) and another person with another name and phone number called me to ask me to let them the keys in a place... Guess what: I refused and invited them to Check-In in person. They will cancel for sure :grinning:

So, any splendid idea will be gold for us, THANK YOU!

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi Julia,

Sorry to hear about your struggles but after a year ...I am sorry I cannot really remember...


All I remember is that my guests couldn’t leave me a review since the reservation was made by her girlfriend...


Maybe in your Policies you can  state that you don’t accept reservations from other bookers and that you need to know full names of your guests before arrival...but don’t know if this is a good idea... because many people book reservations for other friends, children, parents, colleagues... etc...


Wish you all the best.



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The Reinhold G… 3 years ago

Thank you, Community Admin, for the comment.

In general ( and in our opinion ), this policy that you are referring to, is perfectly well understood by most, or all, BdC Hosts.

As you stated"    Unfortunately, it always depends on the booker to choose the correct section and add the name of the actual guest "

So, (what we are asking is, ) what is the host's position in a case where a person or persons ,arrive at the guesthouse and claim that a different person has booked ( and paid for the reservation online ) under their own name ?

It was suggested by the BdC support team, that we request the booker to cancel the reservation, and ask the arriving guests to re-book their stay.

A very simple procedure ( or not ?)

On the other hand, because the booker is always the identity with whom BdC communicates, BdC refuses to make available to the host any personal information on the guest(s), even if their name is included in the original booking request.

When it comes to reviews, the booker ( not the actual guests ,who have been staying at the property ) << in case that the host is lenient enough to honour the reservation >>> is the only contact BdC sends an invitation to to leave a review on the property.

Again, BdC's support team offers the suggestion that the booker can send the link of the BdC review page to the people they had made the booking for, and ask them to fill it in. 

Once more, very simple !!

Talking about our recent experience,

In our case , a female booker from UK booked a single budget price room for two nights, and asked for early check-in.

Instead of arriving at Mid-day, ( as requested) she arrived in the late hours of the evening, after our office had closed.

She showed our security staff printed confirmation that the booking was paid for via online payment method, and declared that the room was not for her, but for her local driver.

Not a big problem!!

Three days later, a review was posted to or BdC host's page, with a rating of ("1 ") , which was supported by claiming that " the lights in the house were not really bright,-- and that "only dry bread was served for breakfast" 

The problem is that neither the booker, nor the "driver", ever appeared in person to meet with the House Management ,or any of the staff, after the initial contact on the evening of check-in.

Our Dorm Rooms have private, individual entrances. 

Julia C 2 years ago

Thank you, for sharing with us your unpleasant experience with your guests. I plan to be very careful and to mark as no-show after midnight every guest who will not be the who they claimed to be. This way their reviews will not be published if BdC is keeping their promises.

Hildi 8 months ago


is there any way to block the option for a third party to make the booking for someone else? We would prefer to only allow the person who is actually staying to make the booking.


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M Adamopoulou 8 months ago


As far as I know…no there’s no way to block.

The biggest problem is that third party is entitled to make the review afterwards although he/she hasn’t stayed at the property!!!