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Hi We are listed as Pet friendly , however we have had about 40% of guests just arriving with pets with no negotiation, we have even had a guest secretly bringing a large dog up into the bedroom. How can we make it clear on the site that pets are welcome but by negotiation. We are wanting to avoid someone arriving with several Great Dans.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Craig /Lisa


To me Pet friendly means , Pets Welcome, no screening.  That how I and most others would read that on a listing.


Now to try advise potential Guests and  Guests who book, there is a few things I would do:


  1. Add one of more photos arranged near the main photo, with text on top. Use short sentences to hammer the point home.
  2. Append a note to the Fine Print
  3. Update your Auto message template for new reservations.

    Add a section ideally first or second to set the procedure for confirming booking with pets is subject to a quick phone call or message with certain info and a deadline.

    You can then use that deadline to cancel in the reservation details page. Click Request To Cancel - Option 1.




Kind Regards


PS: your partner profile is missing you listing link. Please update it.

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