Pet friendly - but only some rooms

Has anyone got a good solution to accepting pets in certain rooms?

We decided to go pet friendly in a couple of our rooms but the property is now marked as pet friendly and people are booking any room and then saying they are bringing their pets (or saying nothing and turning up with pets!).  It's an admin nightmare as booking.com have no facility to mark individual rooms as pet friendly or not. 

We do email everyone with a pre-arrive email which states our policy but as I'm sure most of you already know not many people read their emails.  On the advice of booking.com we've tried adding 'pet friendly' in the room names but that's not working.

Does anyone have a smart solution?  It'd be a shame to revert to not accepting pets but it is just too much hassle as it is.


Many Thanks

BrookAve 1 year ago

Only one solution,  turn it off.


Then add one photo to that room type with text, "Pet Friendly Room only'