Pets dogs and cats

Hi, how do I set up the ability of guests to request to bring pets. I want to charge an additional cleaning fee if they do bring a dog or a cat and also set some policies around the stay e.g. no dogs on furniture, no dogs left alone etc

Bridgewatermotel 4 years ago

We do have a pet policy.  It is stated on our web site and posted on the reception desk.  It is also in the registration document they sign at check-in. We do only allow dogs, 50 lbs or under (sometimes I waive the weight restriction)  No pet left alone in the room at any time unless the guest is in the room, always leashed on the property, no aggressive breeds. There is a $20+tax fee/night. But, sometimes I moderate that to a lesser amount of days if - I know the people and their pet, or they are staying 5-7 days. That does seem to somewhat alleviate both miscommunication and a destroyed room. For the most part, we do not allow dogs on the second floor. We make the guests aware that there is a $150 automatic charge if a dog is not disclosed.   Of course, you cannot deny or charge for a service dog.  Legally we can only ask them what service their dog provides.  No requests for papers or the service dog vest is legal.  That does seem to somewhat alleviate both miscommunication and a destroyed room. Not perfect but better than if we just allowed everyone to show up with their pet/pets.

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Casa Halcon An… 4 years ago

Hello, I would like to include a dog policy like Bridgewatermotel in the BDC page, but this is not possible. There are only boxes to tick. So every guest with a dog has to communicate in advance, which can lead to cancellations, as we also only admit dogs >5 kgs in the bottom room. Is there no way to set up a policy of your own wording?

Maison Lahourcade 3 years ago

We accept up to two dogs but only with prior notice.  There is a charge which is collected directly from the guest.

Your format does not allow all this information. I notice that there has been no improvement to your site to allow partners to fully explain their policy for accepting dogs. 

This lack of precision causes confusion for guests so when can we expect a format to allow partners to add their individual policies?