Planning for the comming months under Covid-19 - any special booking.com Corona cancelation policies ?


I am very optimistic that the pandemic will cool down in Spring time (Germany) and that we will be able to host guest starting from April-May timeframe.

I have set my property 'available' staring from comming April and I have already received bookings for this year.

Now with all optimism there is a potential risk that Corona could strike back with another wave with lockdown, etc.

What happens with already accpeted bookings, if the local law will prohibits to rent out the property during a certain period when guest have already booked? If I want to eliminate that risk I could only accepted bookings just one week in advance, which is not feasible neither for me nor for the guests.

I am also having direct bookings through my own website. For those I have agreed with all potential guests that in case it won't be possible for them to travel due to Corona or for me it won't be allowed to host them due to Corona, that I will provide a full refund of all payments including service charges.

I would expect the same from booking.com but I already experienced that booking.com insists on their cancelation policy including compensation for alternatives.

Thank you for your comments.

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Schau-Rhein

There are none as it is all back to normal now ,and your policies are what govern all bookings.


i.e. any special policies will be your own.



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Schau-Rhein 2 years ago

Hi BrookAve,

I like that 'back to normal' - LOL. On which planet are you living?

Ok, I notice your stand point but totally disagree. Nobody knows what will be in 2-3 month from now. Based on that it's not possible to continue with booking.com as long as we have this unpredicatble situation.


BrookAve 2 years ago


FYI you have now deviated from the original scope.


my response was limited to the actual scope of the actual original question and nothing else.


I dont think you realise how you mis-read that at all, so therefore do not understand my point , so i will elaborate.


Back in April/may it was announced a date upon which the previous system of Partner set policies such as cancellation policy on their listing would resume to normal effect.


THis is the normal i was referring to and in scope of the actual question.

on the topic of local 'law' , unless its an actual government issued law with a fine, then it is not a law, it is just a guidance.


Also on same, nothing stopping you from accomodating workers, once you are smart about it. suc has distance, cleaning supplies, towels  supplied, and limit being in same room ,wear masks etc...


it can be done you just have to be clever about it.

and therefore it is your policy, ergo my original 2nd point.




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