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Prefered Program PREFORMANCE

Hi folks,

After 6 months this preferred program performance is the same for me. I constantly working on my property to achieve to be in this program but nothing changing. 

Pricing score:90%


Review score :99%

Does anyone know what I could do to increase performance even if my analytics is more than less perfect?

Any tips?

BrookAve 3 years ago

It was suspended for us all

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Account Adviso… 3 years ago

Hi Apartmani MONAKO,


Performance is affected by a range of different factors - I would recommend having a look at your Opportunity Centre to understand if there are any areas to improve in.


The Opportunity Center is powered by Focus Finder, which analyzes your property's performance along each step of the guest journey – from the initial search on our site, to the actual stay at your property. It also compares your performance to that of similar properties in your area.


Based on your performance, the Opportunity Center puts the steps you need to take in order, starting with your biggest area for improvement listed on top. For every step that you're performing below similar properties in your area, Focus Finder provides custom business advice to help you grow and close any gaps. It also indicates where you out-perform similar properties, so you can see what you're doing well – and keep at it.


Within each category, you’ll see a list of relevant opportunities designed to improve your performance in that area.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.