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I own two hotels in Tirana,Albania. We have just been removed from Preferred Partner Program and we would like to know, what should we do to improve our Performance score and Pricing Score. We would like to know more about Pricing score, does it take in consideration our competitor price or it takes an average of the others online platform price where we are part too?!

What about performace score?

Our most often promotion is "deal of the day", we activate this offer 2 times each month as booking.com allows it. Does this effects negatively if we activate it so often? What is the best promotion to be activated in order to have high rank and new bookings??

I would really appreciate all the advices.

Thank you for your time.

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi there,

I see your post has not been answered yet.

Hopefully the partners will decend soon with more advise.

From my side, make sure you close rooms if they don't sell on Booking.com. I doubt that the promotions count against you as Booking.com actually encourages those.

Take a look at the basics as well, make sure your photos look Good and that all the descriptions are attracting clients. Get RateIntelligence (It's a free to use tool) and make sure your properties aren't the most expensive ones in their areas.

Hope this helps a bit

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jaybeegee 5 years ago


Here is a link which explains all you need to know about the Preferred Partner Programme.


IMHO it is about generating the max revenue for booking.com in your catchment area plus obviously the guest reviews, no cancellations etc.

I have suffered the same fate as you and got removed from the programme which is a little bit ironic as I put all my business via booking.com! I have now listed my property on other booking engines!