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I was away to do business with Booking.com about 5 Years. Now I am back but it is new change at the working window on the extranet at booking.com.

The case is:

I put the price for room on the sheet Rates and Availability, Calendar, Bulk edit and then edit the prices of any rate plans for this room I set up Standard Rate 15 USD but the price on the booking site, where guests can book room has show a double price. It means 30 USD for the room.

But when I has changed the price 7 USD on the on Bulk edit the price has show on the booking.com site, where guest can book 14 USD. But when the guests book it is 7 USD. not 14 USD, How come this?

Please advice me about these case. Do you have email of the staff at booking.com


Thank you very much for your help.

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year

Mr. Sam

Samoraphouma K… 3 years ago



I have made mistaken.

The price show on the booking site at Booking.com is the price for two nights. From this reason it is double price. 


Thank you very much for your advice.


best Regards


Mr. Sam