Pricing and how to get the most out of my 7 bed Maisonette

I have a 7 bedroom property in Liverpool UK. I don't seem to be getting much traction. Just wondering if I've done something wrong or overpriced. Also as I know the property is more suitable for group bookings. Im considering booking rooms individually in the weekdays. 

Just would like some advice on best way to position and get most out of property.  


Thank you

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hello Bianca Gordon,

You could definitely try selling the rooms individually and see from there if you extend through the weekend as well.

Regarding pricing, I suggest you review properties that are sold as a whole house and individual rooms to get a range of pricing, and also remember that there is much more than pricing such as cancellation policies that might get guests away from booking your property as a rent of a whole house for the weekend (example) as non-refundable might be unappealing for potential guests. 

Hope this helps.