Problem with Confirm your location by code arrive by letter

This is menu of verification by code which I can't done

"Confirm your location
We need to confirm the location of your place because we want to create a safe and secure website for everyone. We sent you a unique code by mail on 17 Jul 2019.

Your letter should arrive by: 5 Aug 2019

Your code: 
Please make sure your code is 6 numbers exactly

Confirm my location"

How do I fix this?


Beat Hold 4 years ago

Hi there, 

I'm living in Panama kind of 'outback'. I have ordered the letter with my individual code month ago. As we do not have any mail-deliver-service here in Panama, I got the letter today by coincidence. I tried to put my code but it is not valid anymore. 

My details are:  Denter Tumas - Residence - Between the Hills and the code you have sent me is ***. 

I have explained my problems with the post-delivery already and I have been told, that a representativ from Panama will call me - which this person never did. 

Can you please tell me how to proceed, that I can confirm my location. 

My phone numer is "***

Thank you. 

Best Regards,

Beat Hold

Juraj Ondruška 4 years ago

No problem still persists. The property has no mailbox or standard address. It's a cottage.
Many guests have already visited it. I phoned the helpline and there I was told that I would contact your worker. It hasn't happened yet.
well thank you

4 years ago

Hello Juraj Ondruška! Do you still have this problem? As far as I know your property should be available for booking, right?

Juraj Ondruška 4 years ago

Reservation is available, that's okay. I practically see no problem. Only on the intranet system I have a notification that my location is not verified. When I called the hotline in the past, they said I would be contacted by a specific worker who came to verify the location in person.