Problem Guest

I've had a guest book yesterday and checking in today. As requested he provided his ID via the app messaging. He was supposed to arrive between 4 and 5 ( I had a vet appt. for my pet that I preponed so I was home to welcome the guest) but then he only got here by 9pm. He came in with a friend and they wanted to shower and get ready, so I said I'd need the friend's ID as well, but then he said he'd bring his girlfriend back later. So I let him know it could either be his friend or girlfriend not both. I said I would need to see her ID and that he should send it to me via the app. He said she'd  only come back with him at 5 am after a night out, but my property has a curfew between midnight and 6am.

He then became very argumentative and despite me repeating my policies, he said he didn't understand. I may have budged on my policies but I was no longer comfortable with his behaviour in my home and had to ask him to leave. He wouldn't and demanded I refunded his money in cash. I let him know that I could only go via Booking.com and follow what they advised.  Its only after I said I'd have to call 999 that he left. 

How do I get in touch with Booking.com and what happens now?


Venkatesh 1 year ago

Hey there, 

You can report guest misconduct to the booking.com so that they will take care about the issue, they can block the guest from making future reservations at your property. 

Follow the path to report guest misconduct:

Open reservation of that customer -> on the right side of the page click on REPORT GUEST MISCONDUCT-> Breaking house rules-> select Brought additional guests-> write a brief info about the misconduct -> select additional requests and submit the report.