Problem with object 8495349 (and clone 8495287)


This problem is not solved from 11 May 2022.
Once again:
Because of some problem on booking application, there were two objects opened:
Then 8495228 was storned.
But appears new one:
Whole time we were waiting and object 8495349 had status:

Villa Kadila
Jakišnica 344 e, 53294 Lun, Croatia
Thanks, your property is now set to automatically go live as soon as we complete our checks. Remember we'll email you once we set your property live.

In the meantime we received two "snail mails" with codes for registration.
One of them was used for registration (object 8495287)
But with status "closed/not bookable

Finaly, todav, 02 June we call your help desk (09:12)
Person promiss that she will call back. But nothing happens till now (11:05)

We are loosing money because we are not visible !!!

Please solve this 


Damir Šegović
+385 91 5849422

Dubravka Rogi-Šegović
+385 91 6156025