Problem with overbooking

Dear Sirs , Yesterday I have got new  reservations nr.*** .Two hours earlier I had reservation on Airbnb site for the same dates.Unfortunately I was in  trip so I can not refresh evaliablity in Booking and finaly I have 2 reservtions for the same dates.I have contacted customer in few hours I explain the situation and ask him for deleting the reservation but he told me no  , and he told me that he is not going to change enything and he is going to come to my house in this dates.

I rent only one house so I can not offer to him enything more  but I has conatced with me friend who has the same house on the same ground ( 20m from my house) the same standart ( even better there is  sauna in this home).He is going to rent his home in Booking in few days.So I offer to my  customer that when this offer will be on Booking sit we will book it for him for the same dates and then we delete this overbook reservation.

Until now I do not have any answer from this customer and I would like to ask you what should I do in this case.


Hearing from you soon


Radoslaw Zygadlo.



BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Radosław Żygadło


Firstly welcome to the partner hub, addressing only Partners, and community team.


BdC Support nor Finance Teams have no presence here.


Clearly that guest is a jackass, and needs to be cancelled immediately.


As he is unlikely to follow the procedure I normally share, you will have to engage with BdC support to cancel it.


You should not have to go to all that hastle you described for a jackass like that.


When you ring BdC give them the proposal to accommodate the guest elsewhere, that is perfectly fine and the guest  has no reasonable say to decline it.


But they actually can, and then BdC may find some where else and then bill you for relocation.


I know its a *** thing but it can happen.


I would cancel this booking immediately and let him stew, #Agent of Karma


anyone who is so unreasonable , i would not want near my place at all, there would only be more drama should they come.


The usual procedure i was referring to when the guest is not being a jackass is :


  • Open the details page for it.  
  • Message Guest - "Sorry but we do not have availability for those dates and I must cancel this booking. Should you have any other dates i mind I would be happy to confirm them for you. You will receive a notification shortly to confirm the cancellation and if any  payment prepaid this will then trigger a refund '  
  • On right pane of the detail page, click Request Cancellation  
  • Choose Option 2 - this triggers full refund once guest actions link in notification.  
  • Wait for guest to confirm , then status will update to cancelled.  
  • Note: if last minute or within 48 hours of check-in. you will have no choice but to phone BdC support to handle it for you.  
  • Set restrictions to prevent last minute bookings as payment on arrival, set prepaid.



Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide

Reminder partner only communityhas no link to BdC support, you must contact them directly.  


Kind Regards


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