problem with synchronising kalenders

After a customer booked a holidayhome, on another connected kalender ( Micazu) these dates were automatically blocked correctly, but at the same time it blocked another holiday home of mine as well. What went wrong and how kan i fix this?


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Edoward,

Are you using a Channel Manager to manage the two listings and the two OTAs (Booking & Micazu)?


That is where you would need to review the logs for and the support team for the CM .

Booking.com support wont be able to assist very much .

And Neither will us fellow partners, unless one of us uses the same CM as you .


Note if you are not using a C.M. and just linking calendars then that will never be reliable without a 3rd party Channel Manager


You will have to manually block and unblock.


Each Listing will have two or more calendars when you try to do this ,and not one for both.


I do not see any property link in your profile to view how bookings are made , please provide it and put it into profile , thanks.


Usually when someone has two or more listings they may have a booking portal, and just put that link in.