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Can anyone help please. Deadline June to commit to our listings being professional or private. But no information given on how these two options change our contractual obligations to guests or booking com? Cancellation, refunds, consumer Protection, health and safety, inspections, alterations of details or facilities, changes in agreement by us, by guest, by booking com?

legal advice was to clarify these before technically signing up to anything.

no reply from booking com

PYR New 3 years ago

Booking com asks that we offer one of three cancellation options, refund, date change, vouchers.

these seem to be at our discretion 

they all cost us as a small business but guests are informed by all consume protection regulations that they have claim against travel insurance but not against accommodation if they cancel, regardless of their reason.

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Aaron Account … 3 years ago

Hi there,


Thank you for the question! Congratulations on getting one step closer to signing up to Booking.com. As an Account Manager at Booking.com, I have advised a number of new partners that have just signed up. It can be quite daunting listing for the first time!


The decision on how you list your properties is completely up to you. A professional listing is more if you have a large amount of properties such as a Property Management Company. This will make it easier to promote the service of your business in a uniform manner. It will also allow you to make bulk changes to your policies and other features You can read more about how our platform works here.


There is no difference in costs for each option. Regardless of how you choose to list, our commitment to you remains the same:

  • Instant Booking
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Marketing your listings on a variety of online channels and through our large affiliate network 


Welcome to the Booking.com Community! 


If you need us again, we're always here.

Aaron B.

Account Advisor