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We started a few months ago on Booking.com and got 3 reviews in the meanwhile. is there a certain timeframe when our advertisement gets a "property score"? So far, it isn't showing up



BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Irith Wijns


Are you referring to Property Page Score?

Under Admin Dashboard aka Extranet, Property > Property Page Score.


Here you can see where it needs fixing and how it needs.



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PS: Please follow the guide on how to add your property link,  listing to your profile, as it greatly helps other partners when they try to respond to these requests.




If you meant Review Score then that is not the same as Property Score.

That you have no control over and entirely up to the guest to do it if they want to or not. Not all will bother.


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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hi Irith Wijns! Thanks for posting in the Community!

Did you mean the review score on your property page on the website? 


If yes, the review score will appear next to your property name on the website once you receive 5 reviews (please, remember it takes up to 48 hours for the system to update, so score might not appear right away). 


Good luck!