Providing accommodation for Key workers

Does anyone know how to keep properties open for Key workers, they will still need somewhere to stay during this pandemic? 

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Sharonpowney 4 years ago

As rules in all countries are different it is difficult to comment here.  At the minute who else would be coming to stay?

Sandfield Gues… 3 years ago

I'm in the UK & am open for Key Workers... and I have some staying!

Booking.com need to do as expedia, tripadvisor, AirBNB & many others have done - allow such businesses to trade via booking.com as exceptions.

Now that booking.com took the obvious, straightforward & sensible option of preventing bookings they need to pull their fingers out & allow exceptions where the property states "For Key Workers Only".

This would be of direct support to their "Partners", would support Key Services struggling to accommodate staff & help keep the businesses booking.com depends on for revenue alive!

Come on booking.com!

3 years ago

Hello Sandfield Guest House! Thanks for sharing this in the comments. Can I ask you to start a conversation in the Community about your experience of providing your accommodation to the Key Workers? How did you find them? What do they do? It would be great if you share more details, and I can feature your post to help you get more attention to the topic. Please let me know if what you think about it.