public safety from guests

I wonder if anybody had guests which were questionable. At the moment there is a man staying for 5 days and he just invites strangers inside. They even stay the night. Is this allowed? Can he bring people inside uninvited? 


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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

Hi Stefan

Since he paid for himself (only?) he can not invite others to stay longer than for a cuppa. Of course not for the night.

he is trying you out.

If he wants to invite people, he at least has to report to you.

If staying, then paying. And you should be informed before he / she arrives.

Your situation looks dodgy. Could even be a dealer in some sort.

Did he come by car ((?!) Can note or photograph number ...Be careful and be strict. You have the right to be on the alert, after all , it is your property.

If you go inside to tell him, take a good friend with you so you have proof of things being said or take photo's if need be. Probably if the verdict is having a bad conscience he wouldn't like the idea of someone carrying in a camera and he will move away by himself.

Let us know how you got on.


Aaltje B.