Pulse and digitaldiary dropping manual bookings. Recommendations please.

Hi there,

So, this is super annoying that this has been dropped as a feature. We would have been happy to pay extra for it.

We need a simple diary that will allow us to add manual bookings, I set this up for a friend of mine who runs a busy pub with 6 rooms, lots of bookings come via other manual means, weddings/parties etc and they need a simple way for all the bookings to be collated in one place where various staff members can use an app (ideally). Needs to be simple.

On the plus side this may allow us to drop booking.com as our main source of online bookings and use hotels.com etc etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions or have found other alternatives?  

BrookAve 3 years ago



Yes theres really only one alternative. 

A channel manager, even if you only use one OTA channel.


By the way since I've been around August 2019 , that feature was not available on the en-gb version of the Extranet, since then.


Are you saying you had it up until this month? or when did it go?






Kind Regards



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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Too expensive for one other platform. 

So do it manually now   no problem . 

Also: having paying device here cost also 80 per month . 

And that helps Bdot com too. 

But at least I have money at the day of guest' arrival ! 

Problem solved . :) 

Greetings Aaltje B .

Dylan Robinson 3 years ago

We have been on booking.com less than a year, hotel rooms is a new part of the business, less than 2 years. Having the ability to add manual bookings via the pulse app or the digitaldiary has been very very important.

Looks like we now have to go 3rd party. We would also like to control via an app in the same way we could with the pulse app.

We have been give less than 2 weeks notice before this feature will leave the app. We also have to download all manual bookings taken so far as these will no longer show. Apparently they have 'been listening to their clients' and it's to 'make it simpler'! HAHAHAHAHAHahahahah. 

Bhavesh 3 years ago

I agree, it was a VERY useful feature. When I spoke with Booking.com, they claim that there was not much demand for it, but I also use it heavily.

The Channel Manager which I use, My Allocator does not have such a pictorial diary format!

BrookAve 3 years ago

wow that's amazing, that also means it not showing for every user of the extranet or pulse app even when it was a feature or still is a feature for some according to the replies.


This is truly ridiculous and embarrassing for BdC.

Why is the extranet and app not consistent for all regions all countries?

Seriously WTH!

How thick are these BdC web Developers. Enough already , get your house in order.


Absolutely fuming right now by this competence.


Based on all the posts on this diary topic clearly the evidence shows that it has existed for a long time already so its not like its 'just being rolled out and tested to a select few partners'.




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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Digital diary???? didnt know it existed so I am happy I guess....ha...ha...ha...


The Castleton 3 years ago

It's a deliberate ploy to stop us taking Direct Bookings! I do not know one Hotelier that wanted "a more simple Diary" I left Eviivo last year to solely be with booking.com using the digital Diary, now it's not practical to use so I now have to get a Channel Manager again and will go back with lots of other Channels and drop booking.com!!

Had enough! Booking.com replies to me were "just simply remove room availibility for Direct Bookings!!