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We're now for several weeks busy to open our Chalet Casa Quak (***) again after you decide to close the site without letting us know.....very dissapointed !!! We lost 5 bookings by cancellation by you....

Last week we received a phone call that our chalet is approved by your qualtity control department and after again several phone calles still nothing from your sit.....pfffff. Please simple click to open the site again so that we can receive new guests...the status is now closed..

Please response asap...

Kind regards,

Edwin en Amanda Quak.

Please note that we have the chalet also on Homeaway.nl but we've already another plot at your site (vitamine Zee) and this is working fine.

4 years ago

Hello ViamineZee! Welcome to the Partner Community. Sorry, but I'm not sure I or other fellow partners may help you with this. I recommend you to contact support.

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Sorry to hear about your struggles...

I think it's better if you contact directly with booking.com through your Extranet inbox tab or call your local BDC office for better support...

Wish you all the best.