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I have to ask something and I really ask out of interest, beig new to the forum, not trying to be argumentative.

I realise that there are quite important subjects people talk about in this forum, some of them dont make them very happy. Is this forum only here so we can let off steam and feel better after that, or is BdC really listen to partners and change the stuff that isnt working well for us?


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi, welcome Neri,


I can understand your perspective. It does at times look and feel like there is no one active from BdC interacting with us.


There is more interaction between partners, and even then it's the same handful of partners responding to help, advise etc..


Yet there is a partner count bottom right of thousands. Funny how the level of activity does not measure up to that. 


Indeed it does seem like nothing ever changes or improves.


This is where perception is not reality,  and yes BdC do come across badly way too often.


It would not take much to improve this service on here and then 10 fold improve partner support satisfaction. 


It's the little things that can make all the difference 



Kind regards

3 years ago

Hi .neri! Thank you for your post. It is a good question indeed. All the topics discussed here are important for, and our team is working on improving the Community to make it more valuable for partners as well. We build our community together with partners and it means that everybody can affect the future of this platform. I'm sure you can find examples on the forum of how partners can support each other and create a buzz around important topics. 

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.neri 3 years ago

Yes, This is fair enough, But does ot filter to the organisation itself? All the very valuable points re Corona, just for example, are they discussed by the BdC management? After all, BdC couldn't survive without their "partners" as we are called, But I don't get the feeling that we are partners when it comes to reall crises. I always found support staff very helpful, but when I phoned regarding reservation from china I was made to feel that I am a racist, which is completely wrong. (no one said it, of course, but it was the way they talked to me...)That is why I would like this forum to be a listening place where our points would get heard. The things that were said about the last 2 weeks are not always showing BdC in a very good light, which for me is very sad.