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Question of the Week: Tell us about the best guests you’ve had this year

Think back on the last year. Of all of the guests that pass through the door, were there any that really stood out and reminded you of why you’re in this business?

Share a story about your favourite guests in the comments below!

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Sara Jarvis 5 years ago

Best guest this month;

a truly adorable South African teacher turned up recently the day the radiator in her room died and it’s freezing in London 3 plumbers still haven’t fixed it.

she was so kind and understanding, didn’t complain, in fact said room was warm,she could have complained and ask for a refund....but no she was sooooo happy to be here, and loved the hot water bottle I put in her bed.

Easy, appreciative and made me want to spend time explain how to get around she was here for a bachelorette party....but was quiet as a mouse.

makes it all worth while.

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

My very first one was the best!!!
Sara you were so lucky with your teacher guest. People like her make a better world and hosting amazing.Thankfully all of my guests were very nice and easy going. The best was my first booking. Two girls booked my Studio two months ahead. They were going to a rock wave festival with Iron Maiden in Malakasa which is near my place.They liked my Studio they had a splendid time at the festival and they left me my first excellent review. I was so excited that I called her and thanked her. Since then we have become friends. Making friends is the best part of hosting.

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Frode 5 years ago

I am actually so surprised over that fact that I can't mention any bad experiences with any guest this season! And I think there is so many special and nice stories to tell that its hard to pick one.

But maybe the couple from china coming all the way to Norway and Lofoten to celebrate their honeymoon! It was so sweet and we thought we wanted to give them something very special. So we invited them out on an island, where the north pole is next stop if you go further. We made a traditional dinner and desert for them and gave them a nice present.

But the BEST thing of all was when the Northern lights came and danced over the place for them making this evening a very special memory for them and us!

Love it!

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michael beeston 5 years ago

Fabulous stories...……..mine is more funny than anything else,I had a Russian Couple staying in the apartment for four days three weeks ago...……..and had the coffee/tea/sparkling water and stuff and a LARGE Bottle of Champagne in the Fridge for them to enjoy !!!! haha When they left he placed a LARGE bottle of Vodka in the fridge for me and said a written note ..Thanks for the Champagne it was great BUT VODKA is better....ENJOY.

That was so special and lovely...makes it all worthwhile….Michael.

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Very nice story indeed. Sometimes guests are very appreciative and they show it in every way.
Hosting is fun after all.