Rate Intelligence

Booking.com offers a Rate Intelligence tool. Does anyone use the tool and if so, do you find it useful, easy to use? Is the output easy to read. I have used it, but find the output report difficult to read because the tool captures the entire line of print for each room type. The main purpose of the tool is to quickly check your competitions rates, but the tool will only check rates a max of 60 days into the future while Booking and other OTAs request us to have rates entered a year or more in advance. To be competitive in my town with 30 other properties, I have to manually check rates on one or more of the OTA sites and enter my competitive sets rates on an excel spread sheet and doing so a year in advance, it is a very time consuming and tedious process. In my case my comp. set is 8 other properties. Each property has 4 - 10 different room types and manually checking rates 365 days in advance means I am looking at 35,000 rates.

If booking.com would modify the application to check rates as far out as rates are on their system or at least 12 months into the future, it would save a ton of time.

Does anyone agree and if not, what has your experience been with the tool?


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Bandara Hotels… 4 years ago

Well Rate Intelligence tool is really for last minute booking type and just for basic rate compare only. If you need something more advance I suggest to use professional rate analysis system.