Rate Issues - channel manager

Hi, how are you?


We have a serious problem with the Rates. Ours derived rates were changed to simple rates (automatically).


We are using the Zodomus channel manager. They said ous that this change can only be made by Booking or by the property owner. But we haven't made the change and we don't know why this happened


Do somebody have any idea why it could happen?


Best Regards..!


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pibomarco 4 years ago

You can contact also Booking.com and ask them to activate derived rates, since you are not able too because you use channel manager and Calendar features are disabled in extranet.

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Dear Lujo a Pie de Pista, thank you for posting in the community!


As mentioned already when you using a channel manager all the rates is managed by them. The only exception is if you still have derived prices. In that case, you will need to call our support team in order to set the derived prices again for you.


Since you are using a channel manager we will advise you to create different rates for each occupancy in order to link them with the channel manager that way all your rates will be managed by them. 


Kind regards!