Hi I am new to Bookings.com I set our rate at R2980 per day standard rate and R2682 non-refundable rate and minimum stay for both 10 days I have just received a 7 day booking over peak period the amount is R16896.60 for a non refundable booking which is R1878 less than it should be AND 3 days less than minimum stay stipulated Please explain Thanks

BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Candace


  • So I suspect a few things but lets keep it simple 
    • in each rate plan no matter what you set as Night Minimum Stay , it will display a message
      • "This won't override any length of stay restrictions already set in your calendar."
    • I checked the New Rate plan page and all types allow you to set the minimum nights greater than 7.
  • Now go to the Calendar in list view
    • set room type and now expand each rate under it.
    • note not all fields are visible by default, you can request Partner Support to enable all calendar fields
    • under each rate plan and promo linked to that Room Type, 
      • Minimum Length of Stay
      • set a date range and review the values , and move ahead with the horizontal bar
  • If by the end of this you cant find anything to explain it, phone Partner Support



     no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support. 


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