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How can we set a rate or discount so they can only have one and not multiple discounts as we seem to be giving a huge discount to some guests.  We supply a plentiful breakfast with a lot of choices and homemade muesli, cookies, jams and toiletries which we want to continue to do but don't want to give multiple discounts as loose too much money   Thank you

BrookAve 3 years ago


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Hi Jenny and Doug 


There are many features that stack discounts :


  • Genius Program
  • Promotions
  • Mobile Rates


You can  turn off mobile rate, limit genius to only one Room Type, set restrictions on Promotions etc.



When I started out I spent hours building out a spreadsheet to reverse calculate and forecast rates minus expenses, commission , payment fee (Payments by BdC) etc.


You might want to do the same so you can plan your rates, promotions better.


There was an image on an old post of adiagram of the rates and what stacks, once I find it i'll post it.






Kind Regards,

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Account Adviso… 3 years ago

Hello Jenny and Doug,

It's important to understand your Rate Plan (View Rates & Availability >> Rate Plan), particularly if you have a Non-Refundable Rate or Early Booker Rate.

Anything that you've activated, will add (or Stack) with your Rate Plans.

For example, if you have activated Genius 10% discount, this will stack with your Rate Plan. Or if you have activated Mobile Rate 10%, it will also stack with your Rate Plan.

Just some examples of stacking:

1) Non Refundable Rate 10% + Genius 10% = 20% discount

2) Early Booker Rate 15% + Mobile Rate 10% = 25% Discount


Jenny and Doug… 3 years ago

Hi so if we wanted only Genuis and may be early booker then turn off all the other offers, is that what most people are doing.  It just seems ridiculous the discounts that some guests are getting.


Thanks for your help 

BrookAve 3 years ago


This can be a long discussion so I'll try to limit it. Due to different types of  and scale of accommodation buisnesses.

i.e .hotel chains V small business.


This is just an example idea.::

  1. The big players can afford to low ball with loads of rooms , but the smaller player cant.
  2. The minimum for genius and early discount , would be to :
    1. Limit Genius to normal not business. [optional]
    2. Disable dynamic pricing in Genius.
    3. Limit Genius to only one Room Type. - Deluxe Double Room
    4. Make that the Deluxe Double Room - Rate plan 20-35% more than the Standard Double.
    5. Now when the Genius 10% + Early 10% are applied you are getting at least the same rate as for standard.


Thats just one example I can think of right now.

Also consider day of the week adhoc pricing, seasonal,  concert events,
 set using , bulk edit in Calendar List View

example :


  • Sun - Wed  = Basic Rates per Rate Plan 
  • Thurs-Sat = Premium +15%
  • Some one booking Wednesday to Monday, is paying for 3 basic nights and 3 premium nights.
  • Now under the Additional Fees - add fixed cleaning fee EuR35
  • The Deluxe Room Rate plan  is basic E95
  • Without discount  E95x6 = E570 + E35 = E605
  • With Genius 10% , Early 10% booked = E456
  • Add Cleaning Fee                         E35 = E539.7
  • Deduct BdC commission 18% E97.1246   = E442.55 
  • That is the take home balance if  Guest direct pays.



Kind Regards.

Jenny and Doug… 3 years ago

Hi Brooke thank you so much for taking the time to explain.   Gosh it can get so complicated.. I will go in and check out exactly what plans we are offering.


Kind regards




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pibomarco 3 years ago

The only promotion that we use is Genius discount 10% + 5% and Preffered program 3%.


Perhaps to consider is also Genius dynamic pricing: "The minimum discount is set to 0%. This means that BDC may remove discounts when you’re likely to reach your occupancy targets."