Hi all ,  please guide me on why when i set a nightly rate for my property the booking amount is ALWAYS much less than what i set it at. I cant afford to run it at such low prices . Am i doing something wrong ? For example , i set it this morning at 125USD and someone just booked at 95USD .Am i doing something wrong. ? Looking forward to hearing from you 

BrookAve 3 years ago



booking dont actually change your prices you set in calendar, thats a misconception.


After you set a rateplan, and link to a room type and then use the calendar list view to preview your availability, restrictions etc you can see the prices.


But remember if you have opted into a program such as Mobile Rate, Genius, etc the rates displayed in search results to the guest will be discounted were they apply.


Its is extremely important you learn and understand this concept.






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