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Could you please help us to create a date specific special for example 2 weeks.

Currently our special rate applies until end of year. 

Thanks for your advise. 


BrookAve 3 years ago




Firstly, welcome to partner forum, by partners for partners.


Can I kindly request you rename profile to the listing name or at least your name as 1524683A is not really productive .

Also invite you to use the How To Guide mentioned below and link your property into your profile for us to view as a guest would. 


So if you open the calendar, then List View


Each room shown can be expanded view of each Rate Plan setup on it.


How I would do it is pick the Rate plan and rooms you want to apply it to,  lets say 1 of 2 rooms and normal nightly rate plan is 100.


Now create a promotion applied to only that room or room type and against that Rate Plan, and then choose discount of x amount from nightly rate or percentage.


Bear in mind if you have genius rates enabled it will stack discount.


So lets say you discount fixed  by -15, so that's 85 a night and then they are a genius member, so that then can reduce it by 5%, 10%, 15%, etc dependingon their genius level membership.


Also genius business rates if you enabled are I believe included.









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