removing a review because being blackmailed

Hi there I am a host and a guest blackmailed me and gave me a bad review. I sent the case with written evidence (WhatsApp chat) to booking by the extranet and asked them to remove it, but since 7 weeks they always tell me "all I can do is wait." I called too and they told me they will accelerate and send me an email etc. but nothing happened. I find this behavior incredible as they call me "partner". Anybody else with an experience like that? Do I really have to take a lawyer? Any tipps how to solve the problem?

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Marek Krajecki 1 month ago

Hi. This is how things are most of the time for most hosts. You got to keep trying. I hope this helps. 

stay.satori.org.uk 1 month ago

OMG this happened to me too! 12th Nov they posted 1 star review but they only verbally threatened blackmail and B.com won't accept that for removal. So I had to get blackmailing guest to confirm in writing that if I gave them full refund for 2 night stay they would remove the review. They did this on WhatsApp. 20th Nov I provided the evidence to B.com.  I have been chasing ever since but there was not way of knowing when it would be looked at as separate department. After a month the B.com Advisor did escalate and get manager to contact that department to ask for it to me looked at urgently. 29th December 1 star review was still displayed. I had just about given up, but  have just looked today 5th Jan and it has been removed. I am now back to being 9 out 10 average:) Its been emotional! I understand that B.com need to check if it is warranted to remove the guest review or not. If B.com do not have enough staff to look at such things in a reasonable time...then they should a) get more staff and b) temp hide the review that is being disputed until B.com get chance to review the evidence. So sorry as this is awful for you. I would ring once or twice a week to chase and when you ring you have to review the person you spoke to put a note on there about the problem too. Its personal for us but try not to get too upset as it is wasted energy - it made me ill dealing with it. But if you have written evidence then I can tell you there is hope and that it will just take time (too long)  but the review will be taken down eventually:) I got no help from B.com Hub. Make sure you speak to B.com reservations team and get the guests marked for MISCONDUCT as they will need to do it as you won't be able to so long after their stay. Good Luck and Stay Strong x Jennie

Isabel Vandoorne 1 month ago

Thanks for your contribution. Anyway they still ignore me completely, why would I call them again? Only solution for me is changing all the apartments to VRBO, they are much smarter and they have a support. Especially about reviews they are much better because you decide first if the guest was ok and if he can give a review or not. The smart way to handle it. Booking has become a total failure. I know they don´t care about what I am writing and that´s why I block more and more dates in the calender for VRBO and it starts to work. There are always options.