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Repeat Guests

Good morning everyone, 

Is there an auto way of keeping track of repeat guests that book through the Extranet?  If there isn't, it would be a helpful feature so that a welcome/confirmation message can be tailored for that guest.. it would also prompt a recollection of other details regarding that guest's previous stay/s. 

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

That sounds efficient and practical. Great idea!

You could send the trick tip to the help desk people.


Aaltje B.

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Jay 4 years ago

Thanks for replying, Aaltje B. It just seemed a logical way of automatically keeping track of repeat guests so that we avoid embarrassment for ourselves, also them, should we not recall their previous stay. I'm surprised it isn't a feature already in use.

Good idea on sending my suggestion to the help desk people. I shall do that, thanks Aaltje B.

Nice to make your acquaintance here on the forums :-)


Louise Lombard 4 years ago

Fully support this - we have been caught out a couple of times with guests not mentioning immediately that they are repeat guests and it would be really helpful to show what good hosts we are by noticing this first. Louise