reservation no. ******

on 25.03.2020 I cancelled to booking via your side - and this reservation was with reMARKS AS NOT-RETURNABLE

- BUT WHILE I cancelled it - I put the note, that this reservation can be cancelled ONLY IN CONDITION to GET BACK ALL COST - due to corona.

As the result - I got email with confirmation of cancellation but with not getting back the money.

IF so- and if I cannnot get back money now - , please return back this reservation

BrookAve 4 years ago



As you are a guest, this is not somewhere you should be posting at all.


For guest support, look at top of this and every page, which clearly indicates where to look


You literally can't miss it


Information for guests click here.



Kind regards, be safe , be well


Ps: do not assume any entitlement to full refund.


Also check your insurance policy terms to see if it covers you.


You should instead meet the host half way and discuss other options.


A simple way to clarify basic options answer the following...


When is check in date?

Where are you coming from city/country?

Where are you going to? Area/city/country


Note there has been guests attempting to abuse the process by having travel  dates out side the current qualifying travel dates by country.

Dont be one of them



Kind regards, be safe, be well