Reservation search bar - not searching by name of guest

Hey there, is it just me or does anyone else has this problem?

If I want to find any reservation in the search bar in the b.com extranet and write in the quest's name i just get some random suggestions of other reservations. I can search the reservation by it's number, but this is super inconvenient and it used to work just fine in the past.

For us it seems like it started about a month ago.


Thomas Muesch 11 months ago

Same problem here. Already reported to booking, but only a standard message "We'll fix it asap" came back. Still not working. Had problems with the messaging system (a message was constantly displayed as unanswered), seems that the search does not work anymore since they repaired my message database.

Andrea 11 months ago

Same problem here and we've had this problem for a while now, so still not solved.