I have two reservations from booking.com for our Bungalow Amazonica. One yesterday on reservation number *** and the other was like the same but another name on reservation number ***. I would like to know whether those 2 reservations are correct because the one for yesterday did not come yet.

We reserve those two houses and when visitors do not come we loss money.

I would like to know how booking.com confirm those bookings did you already have your commision money?

please i wait for the answers.

kind regards,


Sunil Kowlesar

Amazonica Bungalows Suriname

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Sunil

You should make the reservation then as a No-Show.


Depending on Rate Plan, cancellation policy and prepaid via BdC, you may or may not get anything.


I use the Payments by BdC, and Non -refundable rates with strict cancelation policy.



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Kind Regards


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