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The has done a booking for Saturday night  number *** we are in T3 and we cannot take any bookings at the moment I have tried email her but she is ignoring me I wondered if you could help please

BrookAve 3 years ago


Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.

Posting an action request  will not result in any action at all, here.




  • Please rename from Anonymous to something practical such as Property Name, Nick name, First Name etc. like everyone else has done.
  • As a partner you are not anonymous at all on here, so naming your profile that is pointless and I would rather call you by first name.
  • If you need assistance explaining better from naitive language to English, please utilise ,
  • When you say tried emailing Guest, did you actually open the reservation page and send a message from that page , with its message box near bottom of the page?
  • Dont assume they are ignoring; as it could be as simple as they do not regularly check emails; could be travelling and dont have access etc.
  • You can of course phone BdC support now and ask them to try contact the guest on your behalf, and state the purpose of.





Please phone BdC Support directly for this type of enquiry. Guide below or :


1) In the extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.

2) Select ‘Booking.com messages’.

3) Click on ‘See Contact Options’

Topic : Account

Subtopic : Other, then phone number is revealed on right





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