Restrictions on advance timing for bookings.

I have 1 day notice for bookings......I received a booking at 11.27pm for check in 8am the next morning.

Did not want the booking as was going away but could not cancel. Should this be in hours instead!!!


Help please.

Thanks Dorothy

BrookAve 3 years ago

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For this topic you should

Make sure you have defined when check in opens and closes.


From my guide below try : 

How-To Last Minute, Same Day Limitations and Min Adv Reservation Extended Field


Scenario : You want to prevent new bookings after 6pm on Same Day as Last Minute.


Minimum Advance Reservation Field.


  • Open Calendar , in List View  
  • Now expand  the rate plans , promotions on left to view options. myimage  
  • All times are calculated based on your local time and up to midnight.  
  • So for this example midnight 24:00/0:00 minus 18:00 / 6pm equals 6 hours difference.  
  • That means for the minimum advanced reservation field for last minute / Same Day bokoing , the last accepted booking is at 17:59 / 5:59pm.  
  • You enter 6h into the field to set this for the dates in question or bulk edit to set it for a date range.


Full guide Managing Availability by BrookAve


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