Revenge Ratings

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This is my first post and I begin with a frustration, please bare with me. I have noticed a pattern, wondering whether anyone else has noticed also. Last minute, heavily discounted bookers, tend to pay less, cause more cleaning work, more often disregard rules and tend to leave the worst feedback. Recently for example, we had 3 adult men who as soon as they checked in disregarded our no smoking policy. We call them on it and reported misconduct to Booking by phone at the same time. They nodded, then hid in the bathroom and smoked there for the next two days. After they departed they they gave us a 1.0 rating and lied about the property, clearly a "revenge rating".

This raises a couple questions for me, why are such ratings maintained, when it is quite evident these aren't valid experiences? One could apply a simple statistical principle, 2x standard deviation, beyond that gets eliminated. I also wonder why guest can leave feedback without any moderation, while host responses need approval? 

Yes, of course, respond professionally, let other customers decide, evaluate, trust they see through it, all good, but why not use the power of AI to balance out what is effectively an attempt to skew the ratings. I know this is a problem across many platforms, not all opinions are valid opinions though. 




BrookAve 2 years ago




Yes unfortunately there are many vile *** out there.


I would report it to Booking and mark the Report Guest feature  on details page to block them also from future bookings.


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