Review scores

Hi all,

Im a bit lost with these booking.com scores. Ive notice this year that the overall score dosn't relate to the rest of the scores .I understand there are variables but my last review was from a lady I picked up from the station, next morning ran her to the hospital for her appointment and lots of other nice little extras. She even  told me I had gone way beyond what was expected of a B&B but after 20 years its just the norm for us. Her review said as much and she gave a score of ten for every category including other categories not normally listed, yet the overall score was 8. What is going on. Can any one explain the system to me please.


BrookAve 2 years ago


Yes it has never been related/ calculatedetc.


explaination : all independant sliders on the form the guest uses. and they are lazy when they do it.

Frank Smith 2 years ago

Thanks. Perhaps they should amend the way they do things.yI know an 8 is good but compared to the rest of the review its not good. If a guest is able to accidentally leave the wrong final score and not even know the impact that has then something needs amending.