Reviewing a Guest


We have just had our first completed booking with Booking.com and the Guest has reviewed us and I have replied.

How though do I review a guest? I cant find a link or button for this?

Could not find the topic in help either.

Is it the case we can't review them other than to report for misconduct?

Looking that way to me.

Many thanks, David. 

Ismini Karali 1 year ago

Hello and welcome!

If you are thinking something like Airbnb system, nope, that's not it.

The guest can place a public review , rating 6 categories and then putting an overall score-completely out of blue-and that's it!

If they have placed a comment as well, only then you can comment on public too.

And more or less, this is the "great" review system on BDC.

Have a nice day!

David Friar 1 year ago

Cheers I was starting to think that was the case.

We have a guest coming in we thought had review rating of 6/10 but means she only gives 6/10. We need to there to greet her I think and build a rapport if possible.

Maria P. 1 year ago

This happened to me with a 4/10 ! But for booking.com only quests have rights we do not but they can not review booking.com  if they are not pleased in that case booking.com will remove the review! The review system is only for the properties but No for quests and No for booking.com

David Friar 1 year ago

So if guests' real beef is with Booking.Com in their review wording then Booking.Com will remove the whole review including scores?