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Reviews - Additional Categories / Additional Ratings

There are some "Additional Ratings" that show up on some reviews. Info at the top of the Reviews page in the extranet says: " These categories don't impact your property's review score. We collect this info to help you better understand guests’ needs and help potential guests pick your property. "

So it seems these may affect our rankings / visibility in searches.

So far I've seen 2 of these - Bed rating and Room View

As always with beds, we get "too hard", "too soft", "the best sleep I've had for years!", all for the same bed - and I've had a couple of 5.0 / 7.5 ratings.

The most recent review has a Room View rating of 5.0. We have a photo of the view on our listing - a large grass area surrounded by similar single floor holiday homes. It's one of those "lost for words" moments - she could see what the view was like before she booked ...... Mind you, she complained in the review about poor TV reception, something we could have checked out very easily if she had told us, as we were on site every day of her stay ....

Has anyone seen other "Additional Categories" or noticed any effect on rankings / bookings?


BrookAve 4 years ago

Yeah I have noticed this too.

Some of it is just silly and irrelevent , especially when you are self-cathering only and they use your free tea/coffee and then leave a coffee rating, lol.

That is just pointless and I would hope that 4 of10 coffee rating is not allowed to effect your overall rating.

Andrea Štok 4 years ago

What is "coffe" as an aditional review? I dont have bed&breakfast, my guests have their own coffe, and in the house there are all the coffe makers you can imagine. And I get 7 for "coffe"? I really dont understand. Also about the beds... I have new beds and they are medium soft, what if someone likes very soft or hard beds, I cant change that. So I think this aditional things are no benefit to anyone.

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Dear Andrea Štok! Thanks for posting in the Community!


We understand that these additional questions might be subjective, but in reality each review is a subjective opinion of the guest about your property.


These additional questions do not impact your property's review score.

We collect this information just to help you better understand guests’ needs and help potential guests pick your property. 


Best regards!

Andrea Štok 4 years ago

Can You please explain what means "Coffe" for an apartmant? Is it like if I leave some coffe for guests or coffe machines?


BrookAve 4 years ago

lol yep , I had the same nonsense when I started.


Some Italian trainee airhostess though she could criticise my coffee options, which were free. The cheeky pup , lol.


But the good news is rating any of those sub categories has no bearing on any other rating.

Yeah they wouldnt be missed if removed.


Mantra Gili 4 years ago

Community Admin   We had some wifi problems in the whole area this weekend.  One guest gave us a 5 for free wifi, and now our hotel says in big letters in our review section FREE WIFI 5/10 LOW SCORE FOR THE AREA

How is this fair?  Literally one rating and it shows up on our page and says we are the worst in the area?

Booking won't show ratings for our hotel until we had five, seems like at least that policy should be extended to these additional categories!