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RHow can I send message templates to guests automatically and share important information?

Hi Everyone,


Communication with our guests is very important so I have scheduled two templates to make it easy, fast and simple...


Trying to schedule more templates I discovered that options mentioned in following BDC article about how to schedule templates doesn’t appear in my templates scheduler tab...


“....To make it even more relevant, you can schedule templates to be sent to guests at these key stages:

  • When guests makes a booking
  • On the day of arrival
  • 1 day before arrival
  • 3 days before arrival
  • 1 week before arrival
  • 1 day before departure...”

BDC Support Team replied to me that unfortunately this drop down menu is not available anymore and we have only 3 options...meaning we can only schedule 3 templates...


I find template scheduler very useful...Wish BDC can return to the old drop down menu...


Dear Partners, do you use the template scheduler??? 

Do you find it as important as I do???


Wish everyone a wonderful day?

BrookAve 2 years ago


Yes indeed a very powerful automation tool.


You can have unlimited Message Templates but only 2 categories can be automatic.


  1. Template Scheduler
    1. Limited to
      1. New Reservation
      2. 1 day Before Arrival ; 
      3. 3 days Before
  2. Auto Replies
    1. Check-in
    2. Check-out
    3. Parking
    4. Bed Preference
    5. Smoking Preference


would be nice to have options to set own custom defined Auto Replies


[] Create Auto Reply - Custom

>>> Set Keyword(s)

>>>> Select Message Template  (you create it before hand)


e.g. keywords : WiFi, Work Friendly, Invoice Request , Invoice, Essential worker, etc