Room arrangement and Payments

1. I have been getting problems with most client that claim to have paid online to Booking.com but they have to pay      cash on arrival please how do I make it known to my client that they only provide their credit card information to        Booking.com but accommodation fee is paid in cash on arrival.

2. I have added more rooms on my listing, The description of what I wrote and what is appearing when people book are quite different, how do I change this?

BrookAve 1 year ago



  1. it cant be both, only one or the other.
    1. by default for most new partners it defaults to guest pays partner
    2. You can leverage the NEw Reservation template to add a 3rd party prepay process , and do include a time limit so you ca nclick Request Cancel and option 1 when they fail to comply.
  2. If you are on BdC Online Payments aka VCC, then as partner support to opt out of it.
  3. Desc  is based on what you turn on /off on the Room amenities page and the facilities page.


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