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I'm starting self check in at my property, and was wondering how you guys doing it ? 

When do you give the guest a code to access the keys ? 

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BrookAve 2 years ago


If using a physical key box and not a digital smart lock, then you should ideally send it only 24h before check in.


auto send method is to enable the message template for check-in. Set to 1 day prior.

Insert the code.


Note this to guest in the template for new reservations also, so they won't be asking for it.




Or don't and just make sure they can phone up for it on arrival.

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2 years ago

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SWLinPHX 2 years ago

We only give the code upon arrival.  Otherwise guests will try to check in early whenever they want knowing they have access.  Of course you can use the WiFi locks that have codes that are scheduled by time of day, but we don't need to spend more for those as we are on site.  We stopped doing in person check-ins over Covid, but we still walk guests thru everything upon arrival where we take time to go over a few key details and features and answer any remaining questions.

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

We use key safes on every property. A few days before arrival, we send the guests the directions to the property. We tell them we will send the key safe code when the property is cleaned, disinfected and ready for use. We also tell them no early check-ins under any circumstances, due to covid precautions and disinfecting.

Note that in the UK, the rules for NHS Test and Trace mean we are legally required to take measures to prevent guests entering properties until they have given us the name and contact number or email address for anyone over the age of 16. Our method of working supports this.

Pcrowley 2 years ago

If the property is ready and the keys are in the box why would you inconvenience your guests by not letting them check in early. I have only experienced such as situation in hotels where they are busy and cannot check me in early as the rooms are not ready. Otherwise they are always happy to check me in early when the room is ready and waiting me. For them one advantage is that it smooths the flow at their front desk. Remember our competition is often a hotel. 

With same day changeovers we would generally meet the guests assuming they are looking to check in as early as possible. If they arrive late would give the necessary codes when make giving them the arrival details. I see little reason not as the keys will only be there once the apartment is ready and cleaned.