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Hi we use caterbook channel a manager and have activated the email which allows guests to check in online. This sends them an email with a link but b.com guests are informing me that the link doesn’t work. It does work for other bookings. Please advise as this has been put in place to reduce customer contact time at reception as per government advice

clair mayher

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi  Claire,

Welcome to the Partner Hub Community, addressing only partners, not the BdC support team, who do are not active here.


Actual Topic : 

Using a Channel Manager, with a feature for Guest Online Check-In.
The link provided in the email to Guest is not working got BdC Guests but appears to work fine for others.


As this is a 3rd party service officially you wont get support for it here.


However I suspect while the CM looks for the BdC Guest email address to send to, which is a BdC generated temp email to disguise the real email,
It is possible the system is trying t o remove any link.


What do you see if you logon to the BdC extranet, and then look at the guest messaging system, can you see the message for that guest?


This may help indicate where the issue is.


You could ask,   BdC support to confirm my suspicion, that they are auto removing links or altering them.

Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods



Kind Regards