Sending pdf docs to my guest

I have about 30 pages of pdfs to send to my guests .. all the access information, directions, instructions and guides.  I used to be able to access the guests' private email address and send them pdfs, but this email address is no longer showing, just their booking.com email address which I cannot use outside of the extranet.  

I understand that I can send templates etc,. but they have to be png or jpeg documents ... no good to me.

Thank you for any suggestions!  I have emailed my guest to ask for their private email address, but no reply so far.



BrookAve 2 years ago




Nope, stop yourself right there... do not send 30 pages to a guest..... no... nope dont even think about doing that.

TL:DR - Too Long : Didnt Read


Right now I am going to save you from yourself.


just their booking.com email address which I cannot use outside of the extranet.  

Wrong , yes you can. unless something changed recently and BdC didnt tell us.


Instead what you do is ... heres the creative part.


Make a gmail/google account, call it whatever...


Then use the gdrive and upload all docs, pdfs etc to it that are realted.



TIP : But do not make a 30 page document, no one will read it. Break it into sections grouped by function/purpose. and embed those links in the message templates, where you want to give a detailed guide.


Your message templates should only contain concise succinct overview. and no more than 3-4 pages, remember TL:DR ! :)


  1. Check-in
  2. Check-out
  3. How to find location
  4. Who to contact and How
  5. House Rules
  6. Facilities HowTos
  7. Local or nearby services, transport options, entertianment etc.


limit each to max 3-4 pages .


upload each to the gdrive, and now write out all the Message templates, and use the share file link feature into the relevant place per docs.

Note set the link share permissions to 'Any one with Link can view."



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Appartement da… 2 years ago

Thank you.  I have 8 documents, pretty much labelled up as you describe, each of 3 or 4 pages = c.30

I'll try and follow the very long instructions you sent me!!  Thank you for taking the trouble to reply, it's much appreciated.

Kind regards,